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Developer Notes

Planned architecture:

  • CloudFoundry or OpenShift for PAAS
    • Could also consider using IAAS (AWS, Linode) and self-installed packages instead
    • Docker on AWS would be cool, though I think a PaaS would be more ideal
  • MongoLab or MongoHQ Amazon RDS for DBAAS
  • MaxCDN or other for CDN
    • Probably not required, but good to plan ahead
  • Google+ and Yahoo for external user login
  • Gradle or Maven for build
  • Groundwork or Foundation or Bootstrap for UI framework
  • Spring and Java (Oracle 7 or OpenJDK 8) for app platform
  • mailgun.org or SendGrid or MailChimp for app email
  • Thymeleaf for HTML views


  • Where/How to store user images?
  • How to accomplish continuous delivery? Depends on PAAS?


  • schlogs = school logs
  • homepage has family section and community section
  • word of the day
  • subject refreshers for parents
  • community-contributed resources
  • point system in community
  • simple computer tips for mom's productivity, os/device-specific
    • e.g. keyboard shortcuts for windows/mac, long-tap or swipe for tablets, etc
  • capture user activity to learn how each person uses the app
    • make suggestions to improve UX
  • simple tutorial for first-time users


Fri 5/23

Atlanta > Austin

  • Late evening flight, Delta non-stop
  • The Driskill ? thru booking.com

Sat 5/24

Austin, TX

Sun 5/25

Austin > Phoenix

  • Find flight
  • Rent car
  • Drive to Flagstaff

Mon 5/26

Flagstaff, AZ

  • Visit GC

Tue 5/27

Flagstaff > San Diego

  • ~7.5 hr drive

Wed 5/28

San Diego, CA

Thu 5/29

San Diego > LA ?

  • ~2.5 hr drive
  • Visit SpaceX ?

Fri 5/30

LA > San Fran ?

  • ~6 hr drive

Sat 5/31

San Fran > Atlanta