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Security Related Log Events

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when to log

The following is a brief list of security related events that applications should log:

  • All login attempts, successful or unsuccessful
  • Log outs
  • Password changes
  • Changes to a user's profile
  • Password reset attempts
  • User registration
  • Authorization failures (when a user is denied access to a particular resource)
  • Changes to access levels (when a user has a new access level granted or revoked)
  • Significant input validation failures (such as unexpected values received from a dropdown list)
  • System administration activity
  • Integrity events (changes to data)
  • Availability events (system startup and shutdown)
  • Any other sensitive operations

What constitutes a sensitive operation will vary depending on the application. For example, a banking application should log account accesses and money transfers, while a file sharing application will need to log file uploads and downloads.

what to log

  • UTC time and date
  • event description
  • outcome of event (success or failure)
  • user information or technical account info

what not to log

There are also data that explicitly should not be logged, like privacy sensitive data.

See also : [ OWASP Logging Cheat Sheet]

CWE categories

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