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--- LEGAZY!!! --- Contains code necessary participate in the Scala training course.
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Scala training – code

This github project is the code used for the Scala training course. It is recommended to solve them supervised during a training session.

The slides which go along with the code is kept at Scala training slides. You should check out the readme in the slide project to understand a little bit more of the background for the training class and how we performed it.


The code has been divided into the following topics

  • Intro – a little warm up
  • First class functions – various exercises covering use of first class functions
  • Pattern matching – various types of pattern matching
  • oo-traits – exploring some of the topics around object orientation and trait support. Also a few exercises exploring syntax.

We believe these tasks are enough for day one of the course. Second day would typically be only the quiz project, which is a larger task. To solve it you must parse some XML, write a console app and a Scala Swing app.


All the tasks have been solved in a Git branch called ‘solutions’. You may also download this code directly from Github with the following link:

Requests and contributions

This project was initiated in 2009. It was used for training lessons for the Norwegian Scala community. It is not actively maintained by us anymore. However, every now and then, people send us request for improvements. We are totally psyched that people are still using it.

However, we would greatly appreciate pull requests if you want something changed. ‘Cause then we don’t need to do too much work ourselves! :)


The training course is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

All this means, is that you need to credit Fredrik Vraalsen ( and Alf Kristian Støyle ( of scalaBin for the original work. Apart from that you may do whatever you please with the work.

Please use this, and change this however you may please.

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