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iOS implementation to make use of typicon font (


Configure your project

  • Add the 4 source files and ttf file to your project in Xcode.
  • Go to the Build Phases for your project and add the ttf file to the 'Copy Bundle Resources' phase.
  • Go to the Info page/tab for your project and edit the project properties. Add the 'Fonts provided by application' array entry if it doesn't exist and then a new item to this array for the font. Use the full font name - typicon.ttf.

Use the Typicons font in your project

  • Include NSString+Typicons.h and UIFont+Typicons.h in your source.

  • Set the font of the control that you want to use the font on to be the Typicon font e.g.

myLabel.font = [UIFont typiconFontOfSize:28];

* Pick the icon you want to use - go to <>, click on the icon you have selected and name a note of the name. For example *heart-full-outline*
* Set the icon that you want to use in your code e.g.

myLabel.text = [NSString typiconStringForIconName:@"heart-full-outline"];
  • That's it.

Note that you can use this NSAttributedStrings etc. etc. It works just like a normal font.


First version uses version 2.0.7 of typicons.