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Lightweight dependency management for Java apps.
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A simple API for factories based on simple plain Java objects.

Part of Java Delight.


Create a collection of factories:

FactoryCollection factories = Factories.create();

Define classes for a factory:

private static class MyConfiguration implements Configuration {}
private static class MyDependencies implements Dependencies {}

Register a factory:

factories.register(new Factory<String, MyConfiguration, Dependencies>() {

	public boolean canInstantiate(Configuration conf) {
		return (conf instanceof MyConfiguration);

	public String create(MyConfiguration conf, Dependencies dependencies) {
		return "Hello, World!";

Instantiate an object:

Object created = factories.create(new MyConfiguration(), new MyDependencies());
// created == "Hello, WorlD!";

Maven Dependency

    <version>[insert latest version]</version>

This artifact is available on Maven Central and BinTray.

Maven Central


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