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GlassFish Samples

This repository contains the source files for the GlassFish Samples that are delivered with the Java EE SDK.

This software is provided to you under the terms described in this License. By using this software, you agree to accept the terms, as described by this license.

If you encounter any issues, or wish to report bugs, please log into GitHub and file an Issue.

How-to Contribute to the GlassFish Samples

If you are interested in contributing to this project, read the following pages:

Building the Java EE 8 Samples


  • Maven
  • JDK8+
  • GlassFish 5

Build the Examples

To build the Java EE 8 GlassFish Samples:

  • Clone this repository.
  • From the ws/javaee8 directory, run
mvn install

Each application module builds and the resulting WAR is written to each respective target subdirectory.

See the README file in the /javaee8 directory for details on adding additional modules.

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