The Open Source Java EE Reference Implementation
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⚠️This project is now part of the EE4J initiative. The activity on this project has been paused while it is being migrated to the Eclipse Foundation. See here for the overall EE4J transition status.

GlassFish Server

GlassFish is the reference implementation of Java EE.



  • JDK8+
  • Maven 3.0.3+

Run the full build:

mvn install

Locate the Zip distributions:

  • appserver/distributions/glassfish/target/
  • appserver/distributions/web/target/

Locate staged distributions:

  • appserver/distributions/glassfish/target/stage
  • appserver/distributions/web/target/stage

Starting GlassFish

glassfish5/bin/asadmin start-domain

Stopping GlassFish

glassfish5/bin/asadmin stop-domain