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Woodstock Project

(This is legacy only and not currently being maintained. From the legacy index page, the following was written at the head of the project home page)

Woodstock components are User Interface Components for the web, based on Java Server Faces and AJAX. The powerful and intuitive web applications created with Woodstock are accessible and localizable, and based on a uniform set of guidelines and components to help ensure ease of development and ease of use. This experience is greatly enriched by the cooperation of individuals in the web community, and the rapid introduction of new technologies by members of that community.

The Woodstock release 4.2 is the last official version of Woodstock that Sun will release. Sun will continue to support its customers that have built on top of Woodstock 4.2. The Project Woodstock code is still available, and community members can still create new features or enhancements. For future development or migration of existing Woodstock projects, Sun is officially endorsing ICEfaces as the replacement technology for Woodstock. legacy e-mail may be located from this index page: