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Please see: 
    for detail instruction on how to update and publish woodstock jars.

* To build:  cd master; ant clean; ant;  The jars will be available at master/build/ship/lib directory.

* BEFORE Running build-bundles to create the webui-jsf-bundle.jar and webui-jsf-suntheme-bundle.jar for pushing using Nexus UI, do the following:

     * Remember to change the version #'s in master/ **AND**  build-bundles

     * Remember to update the doc/release-notes.html file

* Remember to tag the release!!!
(eg. "svn copy")

* Remember to document any process changes!!!

* You MUST use Maven 2.x.  Maven 3 will not work.


* mvn may not work...
  1) Try making sure your mvn version (esp. on Ubuntu) is current.
  2) Try (re)moving your ~/.subversion directory
  3) Make sure you have a valid ~/ file with your username / password:
    vim ~/
    //save the file and apply permission 600 to restrict the access:
    chmod 600 ~/
  4) If all else fails, ask for help!