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java-ee-kickoff-app Build Status

Basic project template to kickoff a new Java EE web application. Live demo is available at (currently running WildFly 13.0.0 with Mojarra 2.3.4).


Clone the branch matching your target environment into a new project. There are currently three branches available.

Note: For usage on JBoss EAP 7 alpha/beta or WildFly 10rc4 and below, JASPIC needs to be activated before the application can be deployed. See also


The default app uses H2 with drop-and-create. In other words, the default app uses an embedded database and is configured to drop and create all tables on startup. If you want to stop dropping all tables on startup, edit javax.persistence.schema-generation.database.action property of /META-INF/persistence.xml to create. If you want to change the database, install the desired JDBC driver in your target server and edit the JDBC driver configuration in /META-INF/conf/datasource-settings.xml. It's not necessary to manually create a data source in the target server as that's already done via <data-source> in web.xml.

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