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Maven plugin for JavaFX
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JavaFX Maven Plugin

The JavaFX Maven Plugin provides a way to assemble distribution bundles for JavaFX applications (8+) from within Maven.

For information about this plugin including licencing information and how to configure your POM, please refer to the archive of the main wiki page:

A new website will be provided soon, so please be patient.

Release Notes

upcoming Version 8.1.4 (??-Aug-2015)

Version 8.1.3 (24-Jul-2015)

  • Add all files from jfxAppOutputDir to application resources
  • fix for bundler-lookup (return instead of continue)
  • add option to select bundler (avoids creation of unwanted native packages)
  • fixed compilation-warning for jvmArgs/jvmArg
  • fixed keystore-generation: certCountry instead of certState
  • added support for
  • fixed #66: updated version of used keytool-maven-plugin (changed from DSA to RSA)
  • updated URL to repository/scm
  • fixed #92: Fixed copy-paste problem in code related to handling userJvmArgs argument
  • fixed #46: dont put lib-folder to resources when not needed/existing
  • added support for checkstyle
  • check "jfxMainAppJarName" ending with JAR

Version 8.1.2 (4-Sep-2014)

  • Fix NPE when using jfx:native goal in 8.1.1

Version 8.1.0/8.1.1 (24-Aug-2014)

  • Added the parametermap Manifest Entries.
  • Increase version of mojo-executor (fix issue #32)
  • desktop and menu shortcut
  • port existing options over to new 8u20 API
  • remove fix classpath mojo, no longer needed in JavaFX 8
  • add bundleArguments configuration option
  • Fix #54 - make app name simply configurable
  • update to latest mojo-executor
  • update documentation
  • Add flag to allow update of an existing jar
  • upgraded to maven 3.3 syntax

Version 2.0 (1-Jul-2013)

  • Complete rework of the Maven plugin from the ground up
  • Changed the loading of JFX tools so as to not need the ugly reflection used previously
  • Dropped the use of the separate javafx-deploy-lib module - all code is now internal to this project
  • Dropped the 'uber-jar' support and now use a 'lib' directory to avoid a lot of problems people were having
  • Renamed the goals to be more inline with Maven standards
  • Added full site documentation now deployed as part of the Maven release process

Version 1.5 (20-Feb-2012)

  • Fixed 'app name' issue that was causing native bundle builds to fail on Mac
  • Added /src/main/deploy to the build classpath so you can now add things like custom native bundle icons, etc

Version 1.4 (16-Feb-2012)

  • Merged in contributions from the community to fix some webstart issues and make ccs2bin optional

Version 1.3 (25-Nov-2012)

  • Split bundlers into separate Mojos giving developers more control
  • Webstart bundle now includes all JARs instead of working of the uber-JAR
  • Added BAT file bundle generation
  • Added 'keystore' generation Mojo
  • Added 'run' Mojo to launch app via Maven

Version 1.2 (19-Nov-2012)

  • JNLP bundle generation including templating (via javafx-deploy-lib)
  • Basic JAR signing (via Oracle JFX packaging lib)
  • General enhancements and improvements to plugin configuration options

Version 1.1 (12-Nov-2012)

  • First release to central Maven repository
  • Basic executable JAR support
  • Basic native bundling (wrapping the default JFX packaging lib)
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