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JavaFX Maven Plugin

The JavaFX Maven Plugin provides a way to assemble distribution bundles for JavaFX applications (8+ and 9+) from within Maven.

This plugin is essentially a Maven wrapper for the packaging tool that comes with JavaFX, it's called javapackager.

For easy configuration please use our new website (which needs to get updated/reworked again):


  • Maven 3.5 (older versions might work too)
  • Java Developer Kit 8 with at least Update 40

OS-specific requirements

  • (Windows) EXE installers: Inno Setup
  • (Windows) MSI installers: WiX (at least version 3.7)
  • (Linux) DEB installers: dpkg-deb
  • (Linux) RPM installers: rpmbuild
  • (Mac) DMG installers: hdiutil
  • (Mac) PKG installers: pkgbuild

Quickstart for JavaFX JAR

Add this to your pom.xml within to your build-plugin:


To create your executable file with JavaFX-magic, call mvn jfx:jar. The jar-file will be placed at target/jfx/app.

Quickstart for JavaFX native bundle

Add this to your pom.xml within to your build-plugin:


To create your executable file with JavaFX-magic and some installers (please see official oracle-documentation which applications are required for this), call mvn jfx:native. The native launchers or installers will be placed at target/jfx/native.

Using SNAPSHOT-versions

When you report a bug and this got worked around, you might be able to have access to some -SNAPSHOT-version, please adjust your pom.xml:


Last Release Notes

Version 8.8.3 (09-feb-2017)


(Not yet) Release(d) Notes

upcoming Version 8.9.0 (???-jan-2018)


  • added a way to have PKCS11 signing by setting <skipKeypassWhileSigning>true</skipKeypassWhileSigning> and <skipKeyStoreChecking>true</skipKeyStoreChecking>, makes it possible to have hardware tokens


  • JDK 9 compatibility
  • TravisCI: use newer build machines


  • clarified that this plugin is a wrapper, thanks to @TurekBot
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