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@FibreFoX FibreFoX released this Nov 26, 2015 · 172 commits to master since this release

This release is something special, because it includes not only bugfixes, it introduces some interesting new features. As they are not used that often, I hope you all will provide me with any feedback (and I BET there is something not as right as you are expecting).

Something I really wanted for some time: automatic testing on windows-systems! This is now solved by AppVeyor (which is for free for open-source projects). This got required as there are system-specific tests/workarounds in this projects.

Thanks for using this maven-plugin, means a lot to me!!!


  • bugfix #159 added support for openjdk/openjfx (version-checker failed with NumberFormatException due to wrong expectations)
  • added workaround for bug #167 regarding native windows launcher configuration-file (cfg-file), bug is inside Oracle JDK since 1.8.0 Update 60 (to work around this, this plugin tries to enforce property-file-format, which does not contain the problem)


  • added new property to disable workaround <skipNativeLauncherWorkaround167>true</skipNativeLauncherWorkaround167>
  • added new mojo: calling mvn jfx:list-bundlers shows currently available bundlers with ID, name and descriptions, including their specific arguments able to be passed via <bundleArguments>-configuration
  • added possibility for "secondary launchers", makes it possible to have more than one native launcher
  • added possibility to filter dependencies while putting required JAR-files into the generated lib-folder
  • added property to disable transitive filtering
  • added CONTRIBUTING-file (fixes #125)


  • added some IT-projects and updated others
  • updated to more Java 8 syntax
  • added Windows-CI via AppVeyor (including status badge)
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