javagl Fixed OBJ splitting. Allow setting indices type.
Removed the buggy OBJ splitting by using the ObjSplitting
from the latest version of the OBJ library.

Added option to set the component type for the indices
of the generated glTF asset.
Latest commit 02f03a4 Jul 26, 2018

jgltf-obj - An OBJ to glTF converter

Note: This library is still subject to change.

This is a library for converting OBJ files into glTF assets. It contains a main class, ObjToGltf, so that it can also be used as a standalone, command-line application.

The jgltf-browser internally uses this library, and allows loading OBJ files and converting them into standard-, embedded- or binary glTF files. See the releases page for the latest releases of the jgltf-browser.

This library also splits large OBJ files into multiple parts, so that they may be loaded as glTF assets despite the limitation of glTF to unsigned short indices. The following is a screenshot of the famous happy buddha model with 1 million triangles and 500k vertices. It has been split into multiple mesh primitives, which are rendered here with different colors for illustration: