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Utilities for saving Graphics output as SVG
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Utilities for saving Graphics output as SVG.

Apache Batik offers an infrastructure for dealing with SVG graphics in Java. It contains a class SVGGraphics2D, which extends the Java Swing Graphics2D class and allows obtaining the results of drawing operations as SVG data structures.

This library is a thin layer that is wrapped around the SVGGraphics2D class: The SvgGraphics class allows creating an SVGGraphics2D instance that has some extensions for saving drawn images as embedded PNG files and translating gradient paint operations into SVG gradient paint elements.

The SvgGraphicsWriter class offers convenience methods for saving SVGGraphics2D to output streams or user-selected files.

The following snippet allows saving the contents of a JComponent to a user-selected SVG file:

SVGGraphics2D g = SvgGraphics.create();


This library is available in Maven Central, under the following coordinates:


The library has some further dependencies - mainly to the Apache Batik library. For convenience, a standalone version of the library is offered for download in the releases section. Note that this standalone library includes classes from Apache Batik, and is thus only available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See for further information.

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