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./mvnw clean package -Dmaven.test.skip java 11+ mvnrepository
What's Mars? Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury.
Java生态研究(Spring Boot🔥 + Redis🔥 + Dubbo🔥 + RocketMQ🔥 + Elasticsearch🔥)

👻 👻

Modules intro

Module Intro
whatsmars-archetypes 脚手架
whatsmars-common 通用公共模块
whatsmars-dubbo 高性能分布式RPC框架
whatsmars-elasticjob 分布式调度框架
whatsmars-elasticsearch Elasticsearch
whatsmars-java Java SE Demo
whatsmars-mq 消息中间件RocketMQ,Kafka等
whatsmars-netty NIO框架首选
whatsmars-reactor 响应式编程
whatsmars-redis Redis客户端简单封装
whatsmars-rpc 轻量级RPC框架实现
whatsmars-sentinel 流量控制与熔断降级组件
whatsmars-shardingsphere 分布式数据库中间件
whatsmars-spring Spring Framework
whatsmars-spring-boot-samples Spring Boot Samples
whatsmars-spring-cloud Spring Cloud 生态
whatsmars-zk zookeeper remoting 封装
whatsmars-zk-embed zk TestingServer


Warm tips

  • Java两大核心技术:并发,NIO
  • 带着问题去看源代码,没必要把源代码看完
  • 看源代码最大的技巧是看英文注释,另一个技巧是日志+DEBUG
  • 先看书再看源码,事半功倍,另外推荐看官方文档
  • 架构师不仅要对一两个领域的技术有深入研究,还要有技术广度和判断能力

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