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./mvnw clean package -Dmaven.test.skip java 8+ mvnrepository
What's Mars? Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury.
Java生态研究(Spring Boot🔥 + Redis🔥 + Dubbo🔥 + RocketMQ🔥 + Elasticsearch🔥)

👻 👻

Modules intro

Module Intro
whatsmars-common Utils公共模块
whatsmars-dubbo 高性能分布式RPC框架
whatsmars-elasticjob 分布式调度框架
whatsmars-elasticsearch Elasticsearch
whatsmars-mq 消息中间件RocketMQ,Kafka等
whatsmars-redis Redis客户端简单封装
whatsmars-rpc Transport & Protocol & Serialization
whatsmars-shardingsphere 分布式数据库中间件
whatsmars-spring Spring Framework
whatsmars-spring-boot Spring Boot 实战
whatsmars-spring-boot-samples Spring Boot Samples
whatsmars-spring-cloud Spring Cloud 微服务生态
whatsmars-zk zookeeper remoting 封装

Rocket Stack

Friendship links

Warm tips

  • 类→抽象类→接口
  • 带着问题去看源代码,没必要把源代码看完
  • 看源代码最大的技巧是看英文注释,另一个技巧是日志+DEBUG
  • 如果没有时间去深入研究一款软件,那么从宏观层面理解它的设计思想是重要的
  • 读书很重要,包括非技术书

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