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This is a Spring Security RESTful service; it's purpose be used as a internally deployable, stand alone security implementation

An alternative goal of the project is to server as a starting point of a REST service implementation - a reference REST implementation with Spring and Spring Security, where most of the thorny problems in REST are addressed:

  • HATEOAS and Discoverability
  • Statelessness
  • Basic and Digest Authentication
  • support for Multiple Representations (JSON, XML)
  • full integration testing suites at every layer: unit tests, integration tests for the DAO and Service layers, integration tests against the REST service

Continuous Integration

Built on Cloudbees

Technology Stack

The project uses the following technologies:

  • web/REST: Spring 3.1
  • marshalling: Jackson (for JSON) and XStream (for XML)
  • persistence: JPA, Spring Data JPA and Hibernate
  • testing: Junit, Hamcrest, Mockito, rest-assured

THE PERSISTENCE LAYER (technical notes)

The DAO layer

  • to create a new DAO, only the interface needs to be created; Spring Data JPA will generates the DAO implementation automatically
  • the DAO interface MUST extend the Spring Data managed interface: JpaRepository (with the correct parametrization)
  • the DAO layer is aware of the persistence engine it uses; this information MUST be encoded in the name; for example: IPrincipalJpaDAO for JPA instead of just IPrincipalDAO

The Service layer

  • all Service interfaces MUST extend the IService interface (with the proper parametrization)
  • all Service implementations MUST extend the AbstractService abstract class (with the proper parametrization)
  • extending AbstractService and IService enables a base of consistent and common functionality across services
  • the Service artifacts MUST be annotated with the @Service annotation

  • the Service layer is not aware of the persistence engine it uses (indirectly); if the persistence engine will change, the DAO artifacts will change, and the service will not

THE WEB LAYER (technical notes)

The Controller layer

  • the Controller layer MUST only use the Service layer directly (never the DAO layer)
  • the Controller layer SHOULD not implement any interface
  • the Controller layer MUST extend AbstractController (with the proper parametrization)
  • the Controller artifacts MUST be annotated with the @Controller annotation

Transaction Management and Configuration (technical notes)

  • the Service layer is the transaction owner (and is annotated with @Transactional)
  • the default transaction semantics are: propagation REQUIRED, default isolation, rollback on runtime exceptions
  • NOTE: the transactional semantics MAY be subject to change