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The Acorn PHP Framework
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Acorn PHP Framework

A light PHP template, drawing ideas from MVC systems like Kohana and CakePHP.

However, it makes use of a fourth kind of component - the Renderer - to break up sections of view code, and to encourage the separation of logic, data, and output.

Using Acorn

Acorn is designed to be deployed outside of the document root of your webserver, with the intent of reducing the possibly script vulnerabilities.

If we consider an application called 'example', the reconneded folder structure is roughly

	- /non/public/path
		- example/
			- site.php
			- ...
		- acorn/
	- /srv/www
		- blog.php

Where /non/public/path is the path to some location that will never be directly served, and blog.php would contain the code

        define('PROJECT_PATH', '/var/acorn-projects/mangler/');


Is This Code Mature?

Not Quite

Is That All?

Yes. I'll finish the ReadMe once the code is mature.