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Javalib is a library to access and manipulate Java class files from OCaml.
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Welcome to Javalib

Javalib is a library that parses Java .class files into OCaml data structures. Javalib offers primitives to extract information from, manipulate, and generate valid .class files.

It is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (see the LICENSE file).

Building Javalib


We recommend you to install every required library and Ocaml version with opam.

Configuration and installation

Configuring and installing Javalib from sources is pretty simple. In the main repository, execute

 $ ./
 $ make
 $ make install

If you want to verify that Javalib is correctly installed and found by ocaml, this command should find the library path

 $ ocamlfind query javalib

To clean the sources, run

 $ make clean

To remove the library from your system, just do

 $ make remove

If you want to generate the documentation, run

 $ make doc

You can clean the doc with

$ make cleandoc

Using Javalib

Before being able to use the modules presented in the API documentation, you need to open Javalib_pack.

To get started with Javalib, read the tutorial.

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