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Setting up Javalin with Gradle
<a href="" target="_blank">David Åse</a>
Gradle setup
Set up a Javalin project using Gradle in IntelliJ IDEA

When you're done with this tutorial, your build.gradle file should look like this:

group 'io.javalin' // your group id
version '1.0-SNAPSHOT'

apply plugin: 'java'

sourceCompatibility = 1.8

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'io.javalin:javalin:{{site.javalinversion}}'
    testCompile group: 'junit', name: 'junit', version: '4.12'

Step by step instructions

  • File -> New -> Project
  • Select Gradle then Java (or Kotlin), click Next
  • Enter groupId and artifactId, click Next
  • Check Use auto-import, click Next

Open the newly generated build.gradle file and add the gradle-dependency \ compile 'io.javalin:javalin:{{site.javalinversion}}' to the dependencies {} scope. See the full build.gradle example above if you're not sure where to put it.

Finally, create a file src/main/java/ or src/main/kotlin/HelloWorld.kt\ and paste the Hello World example:

{% include macros/ %}

Now everything is ready for you to start programming. Enjoy!