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ActiveJDBC example showing Many-To-Many

This example shows a typical usage of ActiveJDBC in a Many-to-Many relationship where a join table is also used to record some metadata for each relationship


  • Adjust your database connection parameters in file:
  • Execute database migrations:
    mvn db-migrator:create
    mvn db-migrator:migrate
  • Build program:
    mvn clean install
  • Execute:
# this will collect all dependencies under target dir.
mvn dependency:unpack-dependencies

# Execute the program from command line:
java -classpath target/dependency:target/classes activejdbc.examples.simple.Main

# Same with ActiveJDBC logging turned on:
java -classpath target/dependency:target/classes -Dactivejdbc.log activejdbc.examples.simple.Main
  • Examine the output:

Line similar to this at the end:

Model: activejdbc.examples.simple.Movie, table: 'movies', attributes: {id=1, title=Saving private Ryan, year=1998}
Model: activejdbc.examples.simple.Movie, table: 'movies', attributes: {id=2, title=Jaws, year=1982}


If you run this example from an IDE, you will need to instrument models before running. Here is how:

mvn process-classes

another way of doing the same is:

mvn activejdbc-instrumentation:instrument