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# Environment variable defaults to RAILS_ENV
set :environment_variable, "RAILS_ENV"
# Environment defaults to production
set :environment, "production"
# Path defaults to the directory `whenever` was run from
set :path, Whenever.path
# Custom Chronic configuration for time parsing, empty by default
# Full list of options at:
set :chronic_options, {}
# All jobs are wrapped in this template.
set :job_template, "/bin/bash -l -c ':job'"
set :runner_command, case
when Whenever.bin_rails?
"bin/rails runner"
when Whenever.script_rails?
"script/rails runner"
set :bundle_command, Whenever.bundler? ? "bundle exec" : ""
job_type :command, ":task :output"
job_type :rake, "cd :path && :environment_variable=:environment :bundle_command rake :task --silent :output"
job_type :script, "cd :path && :environment_variable=:environment :bundle_command script/:task :output"
job_type :runner, "cd :path && :bundle_command :runner_command -e :environment ':task' :output"