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It doesn't convert with zones #33

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every, :at => "6:30" # Supposed to local time

but as it don't work, i have to do something like:

every, :at => "#{'6:30').getlocal.hour}:30"


The current one, that not depend of ActiveSupport is:
every, :at => "#{Time.parse('6:30 A').getlocal.strftime("%H:%M")}" do


Whenever creates jobs using the time zone of the server it is run on so you need to account for that. I would gladly accept a path to provide custom time zone support, but have no intentions of adding that feature myself currently.


Is this still the case? If so it would be good to explicitly state this in the docs. It could lead to some confusing problems for people who have a remote server in one time zone and their application.rb configured for a different time zone (like we do).


FYI -- I submitted a pull request that allows the user to specify the time zone that should be used in the schedule.rb file


@twalpole cool. I think it is an important feature. Hopefully @javan will merge it. As he says above he "would gladly accept a path (sic)".


I added a comment to #239 about time zone pain.

This issue was closed.
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