A small neat implementation of the Nasa TLX Test in Java Swing
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What is this?

Hart and Staveland’s NASA Task Load Index (NASATLX) is a questionnaire for measuring subjective work load of a given task.

Click here for more information.

This work is a complete Java Swing Port of the NASA TLX Test implemented in Html and Javascript by Keith Vertanen.

You can find his version here.

jNasaTlx can be run standalone(a build script for the jar is included) or you can just use the classes in your project.

Supported languages

  • English
  • German

Do you want to port it to another language? Add your translations to TlxLocalization.java and contact me for a project update! It's easy!

Supported result output formats

  • Html
  • CSV
  • XML (a XSD schema file for reimporting and code generation is included)
  • Pojo

Some Screenshots

Quick Start

Anything else?

This java port was done by Bernhard Glaser in spring 2014 and is provided without any restrictions or warranties.
It is appreciated if you put a reference to the original authors and me, though.
If you add new features or translations - give them to me and I'll put them into the project.
This project has moved from google code to github in spring 2015 due to the immanent google code shutdown.
The old page on google code (using SVN) will be online until it is deleted by google in fall 2015.

Comments, Questions, Wishes?

Contact me via mail at javanasatlx_at_gmail.com

Project statistics are available here.