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JavaParser and Maven sample

A fully working sample Maven project that analyses a bit of code with JavaSymbolSolver

This is targeted at people without Maven experience.

To build it, you will need to download and unpack the latest (or recent) version of Maven ( and put the mvn command on your path. Then, you will need to install a Java 1.8 (or higher) JDK (not JRE!), and make sure you can run java from the command line. Now you can run mvn clean install and Maven will compile your project, an put the results it in a jar file in the target directory.

How you run this code is up to you, but usually you would start by using an IDE like NetBeans, Intellij IDEA, or Eclipse.

The Maven dependencies may lag behind the official releases a bit.

If you notice some problems with this setup, please open an issue.

A couple of Maven commands

Once you have configured your project in your IDE you can build it from there. However if you prefer you can use maven from the command line. In that case you could be interested in this short list of commands:

  • mvn compile: it will just compile the code of your application and tell you if there are errors
  • mvn test: it will compile the code of your application and your tests. It will then run your tests (if you wrote any) and let you know if some fails
  • mvn install: it will do everything mvn test does and then if everything looks file it will install the library or the application into your local maven repository (typically under /.m2). In this way you could use this library from other projects you want to build on the same machine

If you need more information please take a look at this quick tutorial.


Sample project with basic Maven + JavaSymbolSolver set up






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