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JPF is an extensible software analysis framework for Java bytecode. jpf-core is the basis for all JPF projects; you always need to install it. It contains the basic VM and model checking infrastructure, and can be used to check for concurrency defects like deadlocks, and unhandled exceptions like NullPointerExceptions and AssertionErrors.
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Java PathFinder

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An extensible software model checking framework for Java bytecode programs

General Information about JPF

All the latest developments, changes, documentation can be found on our wiki page.

Building and Installing

If you are having problems installing and running JPF, please look at the How to install JPF guide.

We have documented on the wiki a lot of common problems during the install and build processes reported by users. If you are facing any issue, please, make sure that we have not addressed it in documentation. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at or open an issue on the Issue Tracker.


There is a constant effort to update and add JPF documentation on the wiki. If you would like to contribute in that, please, contact us at

Contributions are welcomed and we encourage you to get involved with the community.

Happy Verification -- the Java PathFinder team

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