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Updated ignore file to correct README error in dist directory

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commit e243b4b66889e3edcb748f1b4fc9d9a884712703 1 parent cf6f905
javarobots74 authored
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32 dist/README.TXT
@@ -1,32 +0,0 @@
-When you build an Java application project that has a main class, the IDE
-automatically copies all of the JAR
-files on the projects classpath to your projects dist/lib folder. The IDE
-also adds each of the JAR files to the Class-Path element in the application
-JAR files manifest file (MANIFEST.MF).
-To run the project from the command line, go to the dist folder and
-type the following:
-java -jar "GpsDataLogger.jar"
-To distribute this project, zip up the dist folder (including the lib folder)
-and distribute the ZIP file.
-* If two JAR files on the project classpath have the same name, only the first
-JAR file is copied to the lib folder.
-* Only JAR files are copied to the lib folder.
-If the classpath contains other types of files or folders, these files (folders)
-are not copied.
-* If a library on the projects classpath also has a Class-Path element
-specified in the manifest,the content of the Class-Path element has to be on
-the projects runtime path.
-* To set a main class in a standard Java project, right-click the project node
-in the Projects window and choose Properties. Then click Run and enter the
-class name in the Main Class field. Alternatively, you can manually type the
-class name in the manifest Main-Class element.
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