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Product Roadmapping

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Challenge introduction

Products grow and change over time as exposure to the market and users creates new priorities and ideas to react to. This process needs to be managed somehow and the product roadmap is a tool for doing just that. This isn’t a todo list, it’s a document that reflects how what you currently know will shape tomorrow. Like anything we do, it needs to change over time as we learn new things so it can reflect the most strategically sounds ideas.

Background research

Challenge outline

You’ll be taking all the work you’ve developed on your Bootcamp project to date and developing a theoretical product roadmap for its future. The requirements of this project are going to be purposefully vague. Every product is different and I can’t create a one-size-fits-all structure for what your product’s roadmap should be. You’ll have to go through the available research, expand beyond it, decide on what principles you want to follow to create your roadmap, and then construct it. You’ll also need to show an understanding of how some of the things you’ve outlined in your product roadmap could change over time.

Recommended process

  1. Start by going over the background research listed above. Discuss what you learn with your mentor or a member of the strategy team.

  2. Based on your research, outline what you consider to be the essential principles of creating a product roadmap. These should be general principles for any roadmap to follow, not principles specific to your project.

  3. Apply these principles and the research you’ve done in other challenges so far to your Bootcamp project. Create a product roadmap that outlines how you’d go about developing and growing this hypothetical product in whatever time scale you’ve identified as being relevant to what you’re trying to achieve.

  4. Create a brief 10-minute presentation on what you’ve learned, the principles you’ve outlined, your product roadmap, and how you’d react to new information that goes against the currently outlined roadmap. A good way to think of this would be to focus on your biggest existing assumptions and explain how you’d react if they were disproved.


  • A presentation outlining your chosen principles of product roadmapping and the roadmap you’ve created for your Bootcamp project.

  • A scaffold for starting future product roadmaps.


You’ll have just under two weeks to complete your work. The challenge starts on a Monday and is due for evaluation by Geordie Kaytes, Evan Ryan or Steve Hickey the following Thursday. We highly recommend checking in several times with members of the front-end team along the way. There will not be any project extensions, you are responsible for delivering on time. Part of delivering on time is making sure you’re on the correct path at several intervals along the way.

Your brief talk will be due for presentation the day after the challenge is due.