Java streams utility methods for memoization
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Java streams utility methods for memoization

How to replay Java streams?

Need to use your streams over and over again? Let's cover three different approaches, their benefits, and their pitfalls when recycling Java streams.

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Random rnd = new Random();
Stream<Integer> nrs = Stream.generate(() -> rnd.nextInt(99));
Supplier<Stream<Integer>> nrsSrc = Replayer.replay(nrs);

nrsSrc.get().limit(11).map(n -> n + ",").forEach(out::print); // e.g. 88,18,78,75,98,68,15,14,25,54,22,
nrsSrc.get().limit(11).map(n -> n + ",").forEach(out::print); // Print the same previous numbers

Note that you cannot achieve this result with an intermediate collection because nrs is an infinite stream. Thus trying to collect nrs incurs in an infinite loop. Only on-demand memoization like replay() achieves this approach.


First, in order to include it to your Maven project, simply add this dependency:


To add a dependency using Gradle:

dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.javasync:streamemo:1.0.0'