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(ns clojure-advent-of-code.day7
(:require [instaparse.core :as insta]))
(def symbol-table (atom {}))
(def circuit-instructions
"<p> = statement | output ;
<statement> = and | or | lshift | rshift | not
and = numvar <wspace> <'AND'> <wspace> numvar <wspace> <'->'> <wspace> var
or = numvar <wspace> <'OR'> <wspace> numvar <wspace> <'->'> <wspace> var
lshift = numvar <wspace> <'LSHIFT'> <wspace> num <wspace> <'->'> <wspace> var
rshift = numvar <wspace> <'RSHIFT'> <wspace> num <wspace> <'->'> <wspace> var
not = <'NOT'> <wspace> var <wspace> <'->'> <wspace> var
output = numvar <wspace> <<'->'>> <wspace> var
<num> = #'\\d+'
wspace = #'\\s+'
<var> = #'[a-z]+'
<numvar>= num|var
(defn resolve-vars [ string-input ]
(let [conversion (read-string string-input)]
(if (number? conversion )
(@symbol-table (keyword conversion)))))
(defn handle-output [ num output ]
(let [resolved-arg (resolve-vars num) ]
(if (nil? resolved-arg)
{(keyword output) resolved-arg})))
(defn handle-bit-not [ var1 output ]
(let [resolved-arg (resolve-vars var1) ]
(if (nil? resolved-arg)
{(keyword output) (bit-and 0xffff
(bit-not (resolve-vars var1)))})))
(defn handle-ops [ f arg1 arg2 output ]
(let [resolved-arg1 (resolve-vars arg1)
resolved-arg2 (resolve-vars arg2)]
(if (or (nil? resolved-arg1) (nil? resolved-arg2 ))
{(keyword output) (f resolved-arg1 resolved-arg2)})))
(def transform-ops
{ :output (fn [x z](handle-output x z))
:not (fn [x z] (handle-bit-not x z ))
:and (fn [x y z](handle-ops bit-and x y z ))
:or (fn [x y z](handle-ops bit-or x y z ))
:lshift (fn [x y z](handle-ops bit-shift-left x y z ))
:rshift (fn [x y z](handle-ops bit-shift-right x y z ))
(defn eval-line [ instruction ]
(insta/transform transform-ops (circuit-instructions instruction)))
(defn process-instructions [ list-of-instructions ]
(loop [ [h & my-stack] list-of-instructions]
(if (nil? h)
(do (swap! symbol-table merge (first (eval-line h )))
(recur my-stack)))))
(defn find-result [string-instructions]
(reset! symbol-table {})
(loop [ cur-count (count @symbol-table) ]
(process-instructions string-instructions)
(if (= cur-count (count @symbol-table))
(recur (count @symbol-table))