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(ns arnoldclj_s.pig-latin-lexr
(:require [instaparse.core :as insta]
[instaparse.failure :as fail]
[arnoldclj_s.lexr :as arnie]))
(defn- transform-consonant-word[ cluster word]
(let [reduced-word (clojure.string/replace-first word cluster "")]
(str reduced-word cluster "AY")))
(defn- pig-latin
"translate a word into pig latin
if word starts with consonant or consonant cluster add consonant or consonant clusters to the end and add 'ay' to the end
if word starts with a vowel add 'way' to the end
(let [uword (.toUpperCase word)
consonant-cluster (re-find #"^[^AEIOU]+" uword)]
(if (not-empty consonant-cluster)
(transform-consonant-word consonant-cluster uword )
(str uword "WAY")
(defn- update-map
"transform values within a map"
[m f]
(reduce-kv (fn [m k v]
(assoc m k (f v))) {} m))
(defn- translate-to-pig-latin
"translate a string of text into pig-latin"
(->> (map pig-latin (clojure.string/split string-of-text #"\s+"))
(clojure.string/join " ")))
(def pig-latin-arnoldc
(-> (update-map arnie/tokens translate-to-pig-latin)
(defn ights-camera-actionlay
"interpret pig-latin text"
[& expr]
(try (->> (arnie/parser pig-latin-arnoldc (clojure.string/join expr))
(insta/transform arnie/transform-ops))
(catch Exception e
(throw (Exception. (str "EREWHAY ETHAY UCKFAY IDDAY IWAY OGAY ONGWRAY?" (.getMessage e)))))))