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Event Manager Application (Uses Ionic 4)

The Event Manager app is one of the showcased apps in the book: Building Firestore powered Ionic apps which covers:

  • User Authentication.
  • CRUD.
  • Transactions.
  • Firebase Storage.
  • Firebase Security Rules.
  • ...and more.

Screenshot of the Event Manager App


Clone this repository using ssh:

$ git clone git@github.com:javebratt/master-firestore-event-manager.git

Or https:

$ git clone https://github.com/javebratt/master-firestore-event-manager.git

Once cloned, create a file located at app/credentials.ts. You will hold your Firebase credentials there, you can find those inside your Firebase Console

Usage example

To find out how to use it and how it was build, get the book.

Who am I?

Jorge Vergara – @javebrattj@javebratt.com