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How to contribute

Guidelines for Bug Reporting

You can report a Bug or a Feature Request to our github issues. Questions should be asked at We'll answer them.

Bug Reports have to contain:

  1. Clear description of your expectations versus reality
  2. Runnable test case which isolates the bug and allows us to easily reproduce it on our laptops. You can push this test case to your fork of this repository.

Guidelines for Contributors

JaVers is an open source project, so we're open to your contributions.

In fact, if you need a new Feature, the best way is to contribute a Pull Request. Otherwise you just have to wait ...

Before you start to work please read these guidelines:

  1. Create the issue with a full description of the new Feature
  2. Consult the design with the JaVers team. You can chat with us on gitter
  3. Source code should be written in Java8.
  4. We aren't crazy about code formatting standards. Use 4 spaces to indent. Don't change the formatting of existing code.
  5. We really care about Clean Code and quality so expect many Code Review comments.
  6. Tests should be written in Spock/Groovy.
    In JaVers, tests are well-crafted, runnable documentation.
    Tests should specify and describe functionality, not implementation.
    We fight Mocks. Stubs are allowed but discouraged.
  7. Commit message should mention the issue, for example:
    #299 new Guidelines for Contributors in
  8. Before creating a Pull Request, merge from master and squash your commits
  9. Apply our Code Review comments and commit changes in the next commit. Please don't squash Code Review commits, we want to track the progress of the Code Review process.
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