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package org.javers.core.examples
import org.javers.core.Changes
import org.javers.core.Javers
import org.javers.core.JaversBuilder
import org.javers.core.examples.model.Person
import org.javers.core.examples.model.Position
import org.javers.core.metamodel.object.CdoSnapshot
import org.javers.repository.jql.JqlQuery
import org.javers.repository.jql.QueryBuilder
import org.javers.shadow.Shadow
import spock.lang.Specification
class BasicCommitAndQueryExample extends Specification {
def "should commit and query from JaversRepository"() {
// prepare JaVers instance. By default, JaVers uses InMemoryRepository,
// it's useful for testing
Javers javers = JaversBuilder.javers().build()
Person robert = new Person("bob", "Robert Martin")
javers.commit("user", robert) // persist initial commit
robert.setName("Robert C.") // do some changes
javers.commit("user", robert) // and persist another commit
JqlQuery query = QueryBuilder.byInstanceId("bob", Person.class).build()
println "Shadows query:"
List<Shadow<Person>> shadows = javers.findShadows(query)
shadows.forEach { println it.get() }
then: "there should be two Bob's Shadows"
assert shadows.size == 2
println "Snapshots query:"
List<CdoSnapshot> snapshots = javers.findSnapshots(query)
snapshots.forEach { println it }
then: "there should be two Bob's Shadows"
assert snapshots.size == 2
println "Changes query:"
Changes changes = javers.findChanges(query)
// or the old approach:
// List<Change> changes = javers.findChanges(query)
println changes.prettyPrint()
then: "there should be two Changes on Bob"
assert changes.size() == 2