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"error calling Constructor for CustomType" exception when CustomPropertyComparator is registered for value's parent class #789

kkonstantin42 opened this Issue Feb 19, 2019 · 3 comments


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kkonstantin42 commented Feb 19, 2019

error calling Constructor for org.javers.core.metamodel.type.CustomType exception is thrown on when there is a CustomPropertyComparator registered for a parent class of some value that exist in objects that are being compared.

Here is a test case that reproduces the issue:

This behaviour has appeared after CustomType constructor was changed to accept CustomPropertyComparator as a second parameter in this commit: ec6113b#diff-461b37401e91dc6db100811e06995807
Possibly there should be a special case in TypeFactory.spawnFromPrototype method that would handle creation of CustomType objects. Can submit a PR.

Here is a stacktrace:

java.lang.RuntimeException: error calling Constructor for org.javers.core.metamodel.type.CustomType

	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.JaversType.spawn(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeFactory.spawnFromPrototype(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeFactory.infer(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeMapperState.infer(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeMapperState.lambda$getJaversType$0(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeMapperState.computeIfAbsent(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeMapperState.getJaversType(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.TypeMapper.getJaversType(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.ManagedClassFactory.lambda$null$2(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.JaversProperty.getType(
	at org.javers.core.graph.ObjectGraphBuilder.lambda$getSingleReferencesWithManagedTypes$0(
	at java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining(
	at org.javers.common.collections.Lists.positiveFilter(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.ManagedClass.getManagedProperties(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.ManagedType.getProperties(
	at org.javers.core.graph.ObjectGraphBuilder.getSingleReferencesWithManagedTypes(
	at org.javers.core.graph.ObjectGraphBuilder.buildSingleEdges(
	at org.javers.core.graph.ObjectGraphBuilder.buildEdges(
	at org.javers.core.graph.ObjectGraphBuilder.buildGraphFromCdo(
	at org.javers.core.graph.ObjectGraphBuilder.buildGraph(
	at org.javers.core.graph.LiveGraphFactory.createLiveGraph(
	at org.javers.core.diff.DiffFactory.buildGraph(
	at org.javers.core.cases.CustomPropertyComparatorWithInheritanceCase.should use CustomPropertyComparator for all subclasses(CustomPropertyComparatorWithInheritanceCase.groovy:65)
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.javers.core.metamodel.type.CustomType.<init>(java.lang.reflect.Type)
	at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(
	at java.lang.Class.getConstructor(
	at org.javers.core.metamodel.type.JaversType.spawn(
	... 30 more

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bartoszwalacik commented Feb 19, 2019

thanks for reporting, would you like to fix this by contributing a PR?


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kkonstantin42 commented Feb 19, 2019

Sure. Have submitted a PR #791.


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bartoszwalacik commented Feb 23, 2019

fix released in 5.2.2

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