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This is an Ansible script and a set of configuration files to deploy Bridgewalker ( ) to a server.

It is a little bit hackish in that it revolves around the presence of an account called "jan" which Ansible expects to be able to SSH into (using key-based authentication) and that has root sudo rights. This account will also be used to run the Bridgewalker server and related daemons. This could be cleaned up to use some account "bridgewalker" or similar instead, but I have not done this yet.

Run the following to initiate the deployment:

ssh-add credentials/id_rsa
ansible-playbook -i production site.yml

The first time the software is deployed to a new server, an account described as above needs to be created first, and then a few manual steps are still necessary:

  • Decryption of sensitive files (will be prompted by Ansible)
  • Performing initial ssh login to bwbackup@backuphost as user root to add host key to list of known hosts
    • via: backupninja -n -d
    • might have to run some commands (e.g. duplicity) manually once
  • Running './bridgewalker --initdb' to initialize the database
  • Create Bridgewalker configuration file (~/.bridgewalker/config)
  • Update 'metricsd_host' in site_graphite.yml and redeploy Graphite host

This repository also contains a second Ansible script which is used to prepare an extra server to run Graphite ( ) and configure a dashboard which displays metrics send by the Bridgewalker server (number of users etc.). This runs on a second server to keep the attack surface of the main Bridgewalker server as small as possible. This second server is also used as a target for encrypted Bridgewalker backups using Backupninja and Duplicity.

Furthermore Vagrant can be used to set up a local VM as a staging environment and run Bridgewalker inside the VM for testing purposes. This requires a Vagrant box with the user account "jan" configured accordingly. Then run something like this:

cd vagrant; vagrant up
ansible-playbook -i staging site.yml


Ansible script and configuration files to deploy Bridgewalker






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