Basic Killbill API Client developed using Scala native code and the Spray framework
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Scala client library for Kill Bill developed using Scala native code and the Spray / Akka frameworks


1- Clone this repository.

2- SBT must be installed before proceeding.

3- Run "sbt publish-local" and wait until all the necessary files are generated.

4- In the application that will use this Client, edit the "build.sbt" file and add the following dependency: libraryDependencies ++= { Seq( "org.killbill" %% "killbill-api-client-scala" % "0.1" ) }

5- Import the KillBillClient.scala library and Declare the new client by passing your killBillUrl and the necessary headers (examples following):

val killBillUrl = "http://localhost:8080/1.0/kb"
val headers = List(
    HttpHeaders.Authorization.apply(BasicHttpCredentials.apply("user", "password")),
    HttpHeaders.RawHeader.apply("X-Killbill-CreatedBy", "user"),
    HttpHeaders.RawHeader.apply("X-Killbill-ApiKey", "tenantApiKey"),
    HttpHeaders.RawHeader.apply("X-Killbill-ApiSecret", "tenantApiSecret")

val client: KillBillClient = new KillBillClient(killBillUrl, headers)

6- Use the declared client to call all the methods that will access the KillBill Core (example following):

println("Accounts: " + client.getAccounts())