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cutils is a repository of small functions I've found useful when using vim.
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cutils is a repository of small functions I've found useful when using vim. This plugin was created to clean my vimrc file (which at the time was getting huge > 1200 LOC!). Feel free to use it, suggest new functions or improve current ones.

NOTE: Not all functions are mine. you'll find the url/author from where I fetch the original versions at the documentation.


  • Vim 7.0+


  • Vundle way (recommended), add the following to your $HOME/.vimrc file:

      Bundle 'javier-lopez/cutils.vim'

    And run inside of vim:

  • Pathogen way:

      $ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/cutils.vim
  • Manual (simplest if you've never heard of vundle or pathogen), download the zip file generated from github and extract it to $HOME/.vim

      mv cutils.vim*.zip $HOME/.vim
      cd $HOME/.vim && unzip cutils*.zip

    Update the help tags from vim:

      :helpt ~/.vim/doc/


cutils define at least the following functions:

  • CULongLines (show long lines)

     :CULongLines [#_characters]
     let g:cutils_map_longlines = '<Leader>cul'

  • CUVCSInfo (show branch information, support: git, svn)

     :echo CUVCSInfo()
     :set statusline+=%{CUVCSInfo()}

  • CUFileSize (show current file size in Kb or MB)

     :echo CUFileSize()
     set statusline+=%-7{CUFileSize()}

  • CUAppendModeLine (append modeline at the end of current file)

     let g:cutils_map_appendmodeline  = '<Leader>cua'

  • CUSkel (template system for empty files)

     let g:cutils_skel_dir  = './assets/skeletons'

  • CUSetProperties (apply preferences by lang)

     let g:cutils_setproperties_dir  = './assets/lang'
  • CUVisualSearch (enable [*|#] in visual mode)

     let g:cutils_visualsearch  = 1 "enabled by default
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