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Tundle is a portmanteau of tmux and bundle, and is a tmux plugin manager.


Tundle is based on tpm with additional syntax sugar and relaxed dependency requirements.

Quick start

  1. Set up Tundle:

    $ git clone --depth=1 ~/.tmux/plugins/tundle
  2. Configure bundles:

    Sample ~/.tmux.conf:

    run-shell "~/.tmux/plugins/tundle/tundle"
    #let tundle manage tundle, required!
    setenv -g @bundle "javier-lopez/tundle" #set -g can be used if tmux >= 1.8
    #from GitHub, tundle-plugins
    setenv -g @BUNDLE "gh:javier-lopez/tundle-plugins/tmux-sensible"
    setenv -g @plugin "javier-lopez/tundle-plugins/tmux-pain-control"
        setenv -g @pane_resize "10"
    setenv -g @PLUGIN "github:javier-lopez/tundle-plugins/tmux-copycat:master"
    setenv -g @bundle ""
    #from GitHub, tmux-plugins
    setenv -g @bundle "tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect"
    #from non GitHub
    #setenv -g @bundle "git://"
    #from web
    #setenv -g @bundle ""
    #setenv -g @bundle ""
    #from file system
    #setenv -g @bundle "file://path/to/tmux-plugin"
    # Brief help
    # `prefix + I`       (I as in *I*nstall) to install configured bundles
    # `prefix + U`       (U as in *U*pdate) to update configured bundles
    # `prefix + alt + u` (u as in *u*ninstall) to remove unused bundles
    # `prefix + alt + l` (l as in *l*ist) to list installed bundles
  3. Install configured bundles:

    $ tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

Hit prefix + I (or run ~/.tmux/plugins/tundle/scripts/ for CLI lovers)

Installation requires Git and triggers git clone for each configured repo to ~/.tmux/plugins/.


If by any reason you dislike Tundle you can uninstall it by removing the top tundle directory:

$ rm -rf ~/.tmux/plugins/tundle

Getting plugins

Common plugins are available in the following repositories:

Inspiration and ideas from


  • tundle was developed against tmux 1.6 and dash 0.5 on Linux
  • tundle will try to run in as many platforms & shells as possible
  • tundle tries to be as KISS as possible


Tundle is a work in progress, any ideas and patches are appreciated.

  • better coverage tests
  • improve install|update visualization
  • parallel installation process
  • make it rock!