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Tmux-yank is a plugin for Tundle who enables copying to the system clipboard under Linux and OS X in tmux.

tmux-yank video

It's based on tmux-plugins/tmux-yank with personal sauce and relaxed dependency requirements.

Quick start

  1. Add tmux-yank to your tmux configuration (~/.tmux.conf):

    setenv -g @bundle "javier-lopez/tundle-plugins/tmux-yank"
  2. Install it:

    Hit prefix + I inside tmux (or run ~/.tmux/plugins/tundle/scripts/ for CLI lovers)

  3. Enjoy ☺!


Key bindings

  • prefix + y - copies current line in the command line to the clipboard.

copy mode bindings:

  • y - copy selection to the system clipboard
  • Y (shift-y) - "put" selection - equivalent to copying a selection, pasting it to the command line, and sync to the system clipboard
  • Alt-y - "put" selection - equivalent to copying a selection, pasting it to the command line

For custom key bindings, add to .tmux.conf:

setenv -g @yank-line        'y'
setenv -g @copy_mode_yank   'y'
setenv -g @yank_put_default 'Y'
setenv -g @put_default      'M-y'


Configuration is not required, but modifies the plugin behavior.

  • Default shell mode

      #options: emacs|vi
      setenv -g @shell_mode 'emacs'
  • System yank selection (xclip)

      #options: primary|secondary|clipboard
      setenv -g @yank-selection 'clipboard'
  • Verbose messages

      #options: y|n
      setenv -g @verbose 'y'

External clipboard supported programs


  • reattach-to-user-namespace

    brew $ brew install reattach-to-user-namespace or macports $ sudo port install tmux-pasteboard.

    Note: Beginning with OSX Yosemite (10.10), pbcopy is reported to work correctly with tmux, we believe reattach-to-user-namespace is not needed anymore. Please install it in case the plugin doesn't work for you.


  • xclip OR xsel command

You most likely already have one of them, but if not:

  • Debian / Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install xclip or $ sudo apt-get install xsel
  • Red hat / CentOS: $ yum install xclip or $ yum install xsel


Mouse Support

When making a selection using tmux mode-mouse on or mode-mouse copy-mode, you cannot rely on the default 'release mouse after selection to copy' behavior. Instead, press y before releasing mouse.


  • tmux-yank was developed against tmux 1.6 and dash 0.5 on Linux
  • tmux-yank will try to run in as many platforms & shells as possible
  • tmux-yank tries to be as KISS as possible
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