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vlide.vim, for presentations
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VLide.vim is a global plugin for interactive presentations.

vlide demo


  • Vim 7.0+


VLide.vim allows you to use Vim as a presentation tool.

Slides are separated by:

  • ====================================================

Subslides by:

  • ----------------------------------------------------

Besides displaying content it can run commands and modify syntax highlighting per slide by using @blocks:

@autoexe{ vim: set tw=78 ts=8 ft=sh: }

    printf "%s\\n" "Hello world!"

To move around, it maps the following keys:

Key Action
<Space> Next Slide
<Backspace> Previous Slide


Slides separated by g:vlide_subslide_separator are automatically handled as steps of the main slide and displayed in order.

Subslide 1

Subslide 2

Subslide 3

vlide subslide demo


A specially interesting use case is combining vlide.vim with tmux to launch interactive demo sessions. To get a glanse at this, execute the following command in a new terminal:

$ tmux kill-session -t vlide-demo; tmux new-session -s vlide-demo vim

Now type :VLideReferenceSlide 12 from the recently opened tmux session. You should see a <0> blinking a couple of times, if that's the case you've followed the procedure sucessfully, keep pressing <Space> in the new session to see the demo

vlide and tmux demo

See :h Vlide for more help.


Use your plugin manager of choice.

  • Vundle
    • Add Bundle 'javier-lopez/vlide.vim' to ~/.vimrc and run :BundleInstall
  • NeoBundle
    • Add NeoBundle 'javier-lopez/vlide.vim' to ~/.vimrc and run :NeoBundleInstall
  • vim-plug
    • Add Plug 'javier-lopez/vlide.vim' to ~/.vimrc and run :PlugInstall
  • Pathogen
    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vlide.vim
  • Manual (simplest if you've never heard of vundle or pathogen), download the zip file generated from github and extract it to $HOME/.vim
    • mv vlide.vim*.zip $HOME/.vim && cd $HOME/.vim && unzip vlide.vim*.zip
    • Update the help tags from vim: :helpt ~/.vim/doc/

Inspiration and alternative plugins

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