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Visualization of Big Urban Data

2nd French-Brazilian School on Big Data and Smart Cities, Natal, 8-10 November 2017.



Data Sience Lab Material (dxlab)

The material is divided in 2 parts:

Download both parts. Unzip dxlab-smart-cities-ds/ into dxlab-smart-cities/notebook/data.


  • dxlab-smart-cities-ds is already available for download.
  • dxlab-smart-cities will be available the 1st day of the school.

Access Tokens

The exercies use Mapbox and Google Maps APIs. The APIs require an access token/key for use. Follow the instructions on each site for obtaining your tokens:


Docker is a platform for creating and running containerized apps. You have 2 options for running docker:

If you encounter one of the following error messages:

  • VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system
  • This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled
  • The processor on this computer is not compatible with Hyper-V

Follow this instructions for enabling virtualization in your machine. For any other problems google is your friend.

Forwarding ports

Only for Docker Toolbox Users

The exercises require to forward ports to the default virtual machine. Open Virtual Box and fordward the following ports (how to forward ports):

  • 8080:8080
  • 4040:4040

Docker Dependencies

The tutorial depends on 2 docker images:

These images are in a public repository. You can download them by opening a Docker Quick Start Terminal (or a clasical terminal if not running Docker Toolbox) and executing the following command:

$ docker pull jaeo/dxlab-smart-cities rabbitmq:3-management

You can verify the existence of the images in your machine by executing:

$ docker images


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