An interactive map of songs about cities
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Spotimap - A map of songs about cities

Have you ever been alone in Kyoto? Is London calling you? Do you love New York but the place is bringing you down? Then this interactive map will be perfect for you! Explore the world while you listen to songs about cities.



The map uses the data from this two tables:


The songs on this map were manually extracted from the Wikipedia article List of songs about cities using a combination of infinite patience and regular expressions.


This map doesn't pretend to be an exhaustive collection of songs about cities, but if you want me to add a particular song, please do this:

  1. Check that the song exists in Spotify.
  2. Check that city doesn't appear in the list of pending cities below.
  3. Add the song to the article List of songs about cities (or the corresponding subarticle.)
  4. Create an issue in this repository with the name of the song, the city, and the change in the Wikipedia page.

I know it's a tedious process, but you'll be helping the Wikipedia, this humble project and future generations of music lovers at the same time.

Pending cities

This is a list of cities I still need to import:


City Number of songs
London, United Kingdom 2744
New York City, United States 2707
Paris, France 1028
San Francisco, United States 212
Berlin, Germany 154
Stockholm, Sweden 77
Tokyo, Japan 67
Seattle, United States 56
Amsterdam, Netherlands 41
Moscow, Russia 33
Tulsa, United States 30
Miami, United States 22
Cleveland, United States 20
Memphis, United States 19
Kansas City, United States 17
Tampico, Mexico 15
Warsaw, Poland 14
Brisbane, Australia 14
Dallas, United States 14
Brighton, United Kingdom 13
San Antonio, United States 13
Las Vegas, United States 13
São Paulo, Brazil 12
Adelaide, Australia 12
Istanbul, Turkey 12
Houston, United States 12
Albuquerque, United States 11
Philadelphia, United States 10
Baltimore, United States 9
Pittsburgh, United States 7
Washington D.C., United States 7
Oslo, Norway 6
Saigon, Vietnam 6
Kingston, Jamaica 6
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 5
Recife, Brazil 5
Marseille, France 5
Montgomery, United States 5
Cape Town, South Africa 5
Rotterdam, Netherlands 5
Tijuana, Mexico 5
Alice Springs, Australia 5
Soweto, South Africa 5
Omaha, United States 4
Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands 4
El Paso, United States 4
Johannesburg, South Africa 4
Amarillo, United States 4
Austin, United States 4
Perth, Australia 4
Bruxelles/Brussel (Brussels), Belgium 4
Laredo, United States 4
Santa Fe, United States 4
Coffs Harbour, Australia 3
Nantes, France 3
Denver, United States 3
Little Rock, United States 3
Port Elizabeth, South Africa 3
Barcelona, Spain 3
Calgary, Canada 3
Toulouse, France 3
Phoenix, United States 3
Galveston, United States 3
Madrid, Spain 3
Wichita, United States 3
Mount Isa, Australia 3
Tucson, United States 3
Bangkok, Thailand 3
Hamburg, Germany 3
Savannah, United States 3
Lisbon, Portugal 3
Kraków, Poland 3
Broken Hill, Australia 2
Gothenburg, Sweden 2
Seoul, Korea 2
Allentown, United States 2
Rome, Italy 2
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 2
Darwin, Australia 2
Newcastle, Australia 2
St. Louis, United States 2
Beaufort West, South Africa 2
Port Lincoln, Australia 2
Kalgoorlie, Australia 2
Strasbourg, France 2
Salford, United Kingdom 2
Poznań, Poland 2
Düsseldorf, Germany 2
Townsville, Australia 2
Durban, South Africa 2
Winnipeg, Canada 2
Nijmegen, Netherlands 2
Olympia, United States 2
Canberra, Australia 2
Pretoria, South Africa 2
Indianapolis, United States 2
Fort Worth, United States 2
Reno, United States 2
Hobart, Australia 2
Köln, Germany 2
Genoa, Italy 2
Anchorage, United States 1
Bochum, Germany 1
Flagstaff, United States 1
Bilbao, Spain 1
Kyoto, Japan 1
Oudtshoorn, South Africa 1
Vesoul, France 1
Shanghai, China 1
Gold Coast, Australia 1
Wrocław, Poland 1
St. Paul, United States 1
Yokohama, Japan 1
Saskatoon, Canada 1
Honolulu, United States 1
Fukuoka, Japan 1
Ankara, Turkey 1
Bordeaux, France 1
De Aar, South Africa 1
Gladstone, Australia 1
San Juan, Puerto Rico 1
Garden Grove, United States 1
Knysna, South Africa 1
Cadiz, Spain 1
Gary, United States 1
Liège, Belgium 1
Chiang Mai, Thailand 1
Tsitsikamma, South Africa 1
Salvador, Brazil 1
Patensie, South Africa 1
Chennai, India 1
Marina del Rey, United States 1
Ukraine, 1
Abilene, United States 1
San Jose, United States 1
Uitenhage, South Africa 1
Knokke, Belgium 1
Utrecht, Netherlands 1
Surat Thani, Thailand 1
Seattle, United States 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1
Montpellier, France 1
Göttingen, Germany 1
Rostock, Germany 1
Coimbra, Portugal 1
Juneau, United States 1
Bossier City, United States 1
Kathmandu, Nepal 1
Rijeka, Croatia 1
Margate, South Africa 1
Rouen, France 1
Milan, Italy 1
Matjiesfontein, South Africa 1
Newport, United Kingdom 1
Porto, Portugal 1
San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic 1
Niekerkshoop, South Africa 1
Mexico City, Mexico 1
Dresden, Germany 1
Akron, United States 1
Avignon, France 1
Porto Alegre, Brazil 1
Vaduz, Liechtenstein 1
Brest, France 1
Seville, Spain 1
Ballarat, Australia 1


Hat tip to Analía for posting the link to the Wikipedia article.