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Panel Data Toolbox for MATLAB

View Panel Data Toolbox for MATLAB on File Exchange

Version 2.1


Inmaculada C. Álvarez

Javier Barbero

José L. Zofío.


To use the Toolbox add the folder called "paneldata" (with Subfolders) to the MATLAB path.

The toolbox contains the following folders:

  • data: some datasets used in the examples.
  • examples: examples of all the functions included in the toolbox (Working Paper version=.
  • examplesjss: examples of all the functions included in the toolbox (JSS version).
  • numericalchecks: numericals checks against Stata and R (see details in the Working Paper).
  • paneldata: all the functions of the toolbox all here. This is the folder you must add to the MATLAB path.
  • unittests: unitests of the functions of the toolbox.

How to cite:

Please, cite the toolbox as:

Álvarez, Inmaculada C.; Barbero, Javier and Zofío, José L, (2017) A Panel Data Toolbox for MATLAB. Journal of Statistical Software. Volume 76, Issue 6, pp 1-27.


Code is distributed under the GNU-GPL3