React component for blurred backgrounds.
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React Blur

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React component for creating blurred backgrounds using canvas.

Live demo



npm install react-blur --save


var Blur = require('react-blur');


<Blur img='/directory/img.jpg' blurRadius={5} enableStyles>
  The content.

For a complete example see the code in the demo branch.


  • img: The image path.
  • blurRadius: Optional. The size of the blur radius.
  • enableStyles: Optional. Flag to include base styles inline, omit this to easily override.
  • shouldResize: Optional. If the canvas should re-render on resize? Defaults to true.
  • resizeInterval: Optional. How fast the canvas should re-render on resize? Defaults to 128ms.


Please install yarn and use it to manage dependencies and the lockfile.

Thanks to Quasimodo for the original stack blur algorithm.