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easybook examples

«book publishing as easy as it should be»

easybook is an application that lets you easily publish books in various electronic formats. This repository showcases its features with several sample books and documents.

How to try easybook examples

Ensure that you have installed easybook (see full installation instructions):

$ mkdir easybook
$ git clone easybook

Then, clone this repository of examples:

$ cd ..  <-- if you are inside easybook directory
$ mkdir docs
$ git clone docs

You can now publish any of the sample books:

$ cd easybook
$ ./book publish easybook web --dir=../docs/tech_book
$ ./book publish easybook website --dir=../docs/tech_book
$ ./book publish easybook print --dir=../docs/tech_book

I will soon publish many more advanced examples of book publishing with easybook.