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easybook LaTeX demo

This is a test book showing how easybook can produce a LaTeX-like book. Although it cannot reproduce the typesetting perfection of LaTeX, the result is a high-quality book.

The customizations needed to make easybook seem LaTeX were the following:

  • Use a custom cover.twig template to include the usual information of the thesis covers made with LaTeX.
  • Use a custom lof.twig to slightly tweak the list of figures page.
  • Define a new CSS stylesheet to match LaTeX font sizes and margins.
  • In the config.yml the PDF book was configured as single page. with larger margins and no code highlighting.
  • Use custom fonts to match LaTeX ones (see their licenses in the file)
  • Define custom labels and titles to match LaTeX section headings.

If you don't have PrinceXML library, you can see the published book in the Expected/print/ folder.