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Installs and configures Kibana on RedHat/CentOS.
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Ansible Role: Kibana

Build Status

Installs Kibana on RedHat/CentOS.

This role installs and configures the latest version of Kibana (6.x) from the official Repo.



Role Variables

Default values (see defaults/main.yml):

es_major_version: "6.x"

The version of Kibana should always match the verion of Elasticsearch in your ELK stack. This represents the major version of Elasticsearch.

es_use_repository: undefined

This value is not defined anywhere in the role. I have documented it here because it is a value usually defined in the elastic.elasticsearch role by If you are installing this Kibana role alongside the elastic.elasticsearch role, then that role will typically install the repository for you. Allowing this Kibana role to also install the repository will slightly alter the repo file which leads to the role no longer producing an idempotent result. However, if you tell the elastic.elasticsearch role NOT to install the repository, then this Kibana role will install the repository in order to access the software.

es_version: "6.2.3"

The full version number of Elasticsearch/Kibana.

kibana_enabled: "yes"

This defines whether the Kibana service should be enabled at boot.

kibana_params: {}

The kibana_params variable is a dictionary that can contain custom settings that you wish to modify within the Kibana configuration file. The key name of dictionary entry should match the setting you wish to see in the configuration file, and the value of the dictionary entry should match the parameter value you wish to set.

(e.g. kibana_params: { "{{ ansible_fqdn }}" }).

kibana_repo_key: ''

The URL to the PGP key used for the respository.

kibana_run_state: started

This defines whether the Kibana service should be started.

RedHat specific values (see vars/kibana-RedHat.yml)

kibana_home: /usr/share/kibana

The path where Kibana is installed.

kibana_bin_dir: "{{ kibana_home }}/bin"

The path where the Kibana binary is installed.

kibana_config_dir: "/etc/kibana"

The path to the Kibana configuration directory.

kibana_config_file: "{{ kibana_config_dir }}/kibana.yml"

The full path to the Kibana configuration file.

kibana_data_dir: /var/lib/kibana

The path where Kibana data is stored.

kibana_optimize_dir: "{{ kibana_home }}/optimize"

The path to the Kibana optimize directory where it stores transpiled source code.

kibana_plugins_dir: "{{ kibana_home }}/plugins"

The path to the Kibana plugins directory.



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - role: javiergayala.kibana
         '': "{{ ansible_fqdn }}"



Author Information

This role was created in 2018 by Javier Ayala.

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