Adds the ability to test Apache rewrites/redirects when using Molecule.
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Adds the ability to test Apache rewrites/redirects when using pytest via Molecule.



The file is used to configure py.test to read a YAML file containing information detailing how to define the tests for Apache rewrite/redirect rules.

This is my personal for this scenario, and may not suit everyone's needs. In this particular scenario, it assumes that Molecule is using Docker as it's backend, and that Molecule is configured to publish port 80 on the Docker container to port 1975 on the Docker host. The file should be installed in the same directory where your YAML file lives. For example, since my YAML file data is also used as a variable to build out the rewrite rules via Jinja2, I have it installed here:



Molecule Setup

Step 1 (May be optional)

In my setup, this file is "truly" located under my vars/ subdirectory and I have it named apache_redirects.yaml. In order for Molecule to properly use it, you have to symlink it to your Molecule scenario's tests directory AND it must have test_ in the beginning of the files name. In my case I have symlinked vars/apache_redirects.yml -> molecule/default/tests/test_redirects.yml.

Step 2

You need to configure your scenario's molecule.yml file use the additional test YAML file by including the following under the verifier key:

  name: testinfra
     - ../../../vars/apache_redirects.yml

Apache Setup

In order to "mock" responses for files that don't exist yet on the server, you need to setup a catch-all to return 200 responses for requests that should be successfully returned.


Add the mock.html file from the repo to your Apache DocumentRoot

VHost Conf

I have my Molecule instances in a group named test to differentiate them from Production or Staging. I therefore added the following lines to the end of my VHost configuration file Jinja template so that the mock response is ONLY ever added to the Apache configuration of my Molecule test instances.:

{% if 'test' in group_names %}
  AliasMatch ^/(?!mock.html)(.+)$ /var/www/html/mock.html
{% endif %}


This is an example of what the apache_redirects.yml file would look like:
  - path: /oldpage.html
    admin_bypass: true
    scheme: http
    code: 301
      - url:
        code: 301
      - url:
  - path: '^(.*)$'
    scheme: http
    code: 301
      - request_uri: /where-are-my-pants.html
        code: 301

Yaml Schema

  • path: the path that you want to match on the rewrite rule
  • admin_bypass: if you set this to true, then only apply the rewrite rule if the user is NOT within an "admin" IP range
  • scheme: whether to use http or https for the test
  • code: the redirect code that should be used (defaults to 301)
  • tests: list of dictionaries containing the information used to create the tests
    • request_uri: the uri to request from the web server
    • url: the url that you expect to receive back from the web server
    • code: the status code that you expect to receive back from the web server (If you are expecting a 200_ response code back, do NOT include this key.)_
    • headers: dictionary containing extra headers that you want to include in the request


  • Javier Ayala - Initial Work