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Nebrija: A rae parser

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$ gem install nebrija


require 'nebrija'
res ='word/id') # e.g.'amigo')

puts res # prints the results

Rae#search returns a hash where the key status can be [error|success].

If the request is successful, the key type indicates whether the result type is a single word or multiple with [single|multiple].

The response data can be found in the response key which holds a hash with all the information.

An example on how to iterate over the info can be seen in the CLI code file:

Typeahead queries supported too! Rae#typeahed(word) returns an array of the suggestions.


$ nebrija <word>

If you feel it is too cumbersome to type, you can add an alias :)

Projects using this gem


Feel free to submit any issue or PR 😃.

In order to test your changes:

# you can run the tests
$ bundle exec rake [test]
# run the CLI
$ bundle exec nebrija word-to-be-searched
# run the "debug" CLI, which pretty prints the resulting hash
$ bundle exec bin/debug word-to-be-searched

Additionally, you can get some debug traces in stderr via the NEBRIJA_DEBUG environment variable.

When set, it will output the requested word, the generated URL, and the HTTP status code that it got from the server. If you wish to see the returned body's output as well, you can set it to 2.

The tests are mocked so we run our tests using some already downloaded answers from However, in some cases, one would like to bypass the mocks and use the real webpages instead. You can achieve that by setting the NO_MOCK env var when running your tests.

It was added as part as the continuous integrations testing with Travis. They introduced an amazing feature, 💛💚💙💖scheduled builds. Given that changes the way its auth method works from time to time, the tests without being mocked are run in a daily basis so we know if something is broken.


  • Make the parser more readable.
  • Improve the API.
  • Think on multiple responses and how to address them.


A simple Ruby wrapper for the official Spanish dictionary (RAE)



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