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A shell script for installing all tools for my development environment (and general laptop use).
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Simplify cx CLI installation

No need to update cx CLI by redownloading and installing since cx has
an update command now.
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test Remove unused test
.gitignore Add gitignore, ignore all contents of test/tmp Docs: update README contents
cloud66 Simplify cx CLI installation
laptop Use homebrew to install redis
projects Replace Heroku SSH with Heroku Git
python Replace ~ with $HOME and configure any paths
ruby Update new ruby install to 2.2.1

Laptop Setup Script

Thoughtbot's Ruby guide to Mac OSX development inspired me to create my own set of scripts to install or update all the common tools I use for development (and in general). Most tools are updated by simply rerunning the script but some major ones are left out as a precaution. For example, Ruby, Node or any Homebrew packages won't be updated if you rerun the laptop script. This also serves as documenting what tools I installed which I loved how easy it is to do programmatically using bash.


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